Suffer & Grow


Future Consciousness: The Path to Purposeful Evolution  –2017 by Thomas Lombardo (Author)

“The key idea in the east that I have been intrigued by for decades is the Taoist Yin Yang, which is the idea that reality should be conceptualized as interdependent reciprocities. In the west we think dualistically, or we attempt to think in terms of one end of the duality to the exclusion of the other, such as whole versus parts or consciousness versus physical matter. Yin Yang thinking is seeing how both sides of a “duality,” even though they appear to be opposites, are interdependent; you can’t have one without the other. You can’t have order without chaos, consciousness without the physical world, individuals without the whole, humanity without technology, and vice versa for all these complementary pairs.” ----------------------------------------------------------------

-You can't have "Self" without "Suffering"

-You can't have "Love" without "Suffering"

-You can't have "Work" without "Suffering"

ACCEPT IT and use it-"suffer and grow, don't blame"


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