How do you successfully give away your product?

"Creating Business Models for an Exponential Age"- Singularity Hub 28/2/2019 Pascal Finette is Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation, and Co-Founder at Radical. In this article he raises many points, however, two of them are:

Point 1 [Paul Finette]

“Most of today’s organizations were built from models developed decades, if not hundreds of years ago. That was all well and fine when we lived in a world which was mostly stable and somewhat slow-moving. However, that is just not true anymore.”

 “I have come to believe that there is not a one-size-fits-all system but rather the need for each organization to find its own.

What all the successful organizations have in common, though, is a strong shared vision and an alignment on the way the organization operates. Once you have that, you and your people will figure out the how, which will become a reflection of your organization’s DNA.”


Cognitive Principle Matrix Theory:

It addresses point 1 using two tools:

  1. “Who am I, Now.” This mantra gives you focus on “Who am I” and “What do I want”. You don’t need to know the “How” if you follow the 2nd tool. The “Now” gives the focus and prevents you from going into the past or to the future, when it is not necessary.
  2. In polyvagal theory, every human is programmed to attach to others for survival and growth. To do this they need four principles, namely, trust, respect, acceptance and commitment. Applying this to organisations, you trust and respect yourself and you accept and commitment to the organisations’ purpose. You get trust and respect for yourself through knowledge, skill and experience and there is no easy path to achieve this, it involves hard work. To be able to do the hard work you need to accept and commit to your goals. If your personal goals match the organisations’ goals, then you will eventually solve the “How problem.” And you will create a very different structure, compared to most structures, which are organised around “How to do things” which tends to limit the thinking to “How do we do things better?”


Point 2  [Paul Finette] “We already know that many companies don’t bother charging for their products anymore when the value is in the data their users generate. Moreover, increasingly it is not the company itself which is harvesting the value in the data (e.g., through advertising) but 3rd parties which take the data, combine it with other data sources, and create wholly new offerings based off of this.”

Cognitive Principle Matrix:

The Cognitive Principle Matrix has been designed to solve any human nature or relationship problem. This model has been developed over 15 years and using 15,000 hours of research and refinement. My challenge in 2019 is to learn how to give this information away and “create wholly new offerings based off on this.”

At present I sell my online “Anger Management Course” for $199, which reduces a person’s anger in approximately two weeks.

Has any other organisations had experience giving away their products or services to achieve such a goal?

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