CPM -Nervous system

Neuropsychology & Polyvagal Theory

The book "The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy" was first published in 2018 and described as "transforming neurobiologically based theory into clinical practice." Cognitive Principle Matrix has taken this concept and converted it  into groups of principles then integrated into other neuroscience concepts such as Marcus Raichle' Default Mode Network and Dr. Iain McGilchrist's  2019 book "Ways of Attending" related to his 40 year study into his Left Brain-Right Brain theory.

  • Neuroception- Explains how and where your senses, feelings and thoughts come from.
  • Polyvagal theory explains how your vagus nerve regulates the flow of energy
  • Polyvagal theory explains how your vagus nerve activates your various behaviors.
  • Polyvagal theory integrates with energy chakras and shows where energy gets stuck in your body.
  • Polyvagal theory shows how the vagus nerve relates to the seven groups of principles
  • Polyvagal theory shows how internal triggers and processed and passed through to the conscious mind.
  • Polyvagal theory provides a simple pathway to conduct therapy, that is,  by paying attention to principles, controlling information and energy and showing where to introduce the intervention.