CPM Based on Polyvagal theory

CPM & Polyvagal Theory

The following charts are used in CPM to create meaning in a persons life and help them achieve that goal:

  • Neuroception- Explains how and where your senses, feelings and thoughts come from.
  • Polyvagal theory explains how your vagus nerve regulates the flow of energy
  • Polyvagal theory explains how your vagus nerve activates your various behaviors.
  • Polyvagal theory integrates with energy chakras and shows where energy gets stuck in your body.
  • Polyvagal theory shows how the vagus nerve relates to the seven groups of principles
  • Polyvagal theory shows how internal triggers and processed and passed through to the conscious mind.
  • Polyvagal theory provides a simple pathway to conduct therapy, that is,  by paying attention to principles, controlling information and energy and showing where to introduce the intervention.