Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling-specialising in anger and conflict

Comment by couple on completion

"We learned more in three sessions with this form of couples counselling compared to three months of talking to our last psychologist. Our anger has reduced significantly."

Blended family comprising of a couple in their forties, each with two children from a prior relationship.


This program is aimed at three groups of clients, namely those who are:

  1. In conflictual relationship and struggling to overcome the conflict.
  2. Recently separated and are trying to understand why the relationship went wrong.
  3. Wanting to get into a relationship, but knowing they have unresolved issues within themselves.

NEW COURSE using Neuropsychology counselling

The course suits those who prefer  a psycho-education approach with specific tools taught in each session, rather than talk therapy, behaviour therapy or emotional focused therapy.

The program does not focus on changing the conscious mind relating to behaviour or thinking or emotions, it works or changing the subconscious mind. It focuses on the nervous system [neuropsychology] using polyvagal theory and the predictive mind.

The process covers the following:

  • Identifying unresolved issues from the past which cause dysfunctional core beliefs in the gut brain.
  • How attachment issues from the past effect self-esteem and the gut brain. Based on the 4 Brain Theory, Head, Heart, Gut & Spirit brains.
  • How unresolved issues subconsciously lead you to a particular type of partner. Based on an adaption of Imago Therapy and Polyvagal theory.
  • How the predictive mind works from the bottom up to process the unresolved issues. This is a subconscious process identified in the conscious mind as “rumination” or worrying.
  • How to over come unresolved issues quickly using the predictive mind from a top down Based on adaption of Andy Clark’s “Surfing Uncertainty: Prediction, Action and Embodied Mind.”
  • Understanding how the seven main negative emotions have a specific purpose and how they support relationship principles.
  • How to change old habits by creating new habits and attaching them to the old habits.
  • How to ensure the new habits are sustained into the future.


Counselling typically lasts between four and ten sessions and the cost is $110 per session.



Overcoming anger through awareness & building resilience.

Why You should I do this course?

  • 80% of partners will pick another partner with the opposite behavior traits to themselves. This is a subconscious survival mechanism to make you stronger, but only if you work together. Working against each other can destroy the relationship.
  • If you can identify any of the opposite behavior traits in your partner then this course is for you:

Introvert with an extrovert

Optimist with a pessimist

Overly emotional with overly reserved

Overly emotional with overly logical.

Overly controlling with a overly passive

Overly responsible with one who lacks commitment

Overly Intellectual with overly practical


Anger Management Specialist Counsellor

Anger management will improve communication



“When we came to you our relationship was out of control. We were both physically abusive to each other and so immature. We now understand ourselves a lot better. After four sessions were still argue, but there is no abusive behaviour.”

Young couple together for 18 months and due to be married.