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Court Approved Certificate for Anger Management : Online Course for $199

Located in Melbourne, ANGER MANAGEMENT ONLINE COURSE offers anger management courses with court certificate upon completion. Contact us today!

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STEPS TO TAKE FOR $199 online course

  1. Down load the online course by pressing the blue square above and register for the online course. The course link will be sent to you by email and you can commence. The course has four modules and would normally be completed over a two week period, but can be completed at your pace.
  2. When the course is completed send Robert  a SMS message.
  3. A court letter will be either emailed or mailed to you depending what you request. Over 900 letters have been sent and all have been accepted by the courts.

Online Anger Management Classes for Court Appointed Cases

Whether you’ve been court-ordered to take anger management classes or you’ve been mandated to take a course because of issues at work or within your relationships, call ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE ONLINE today!

We offer online anger management classes for court appointed cases. During our sessions, you will learn:

  • The exact same tools that are taught in face to face counselling [4 hours] and are presented in the same way, that is, with diagrams, plus audio explanations.
  • Tools to control your anger
  • Awareness of how anger is part of a system to mend boundaries, following an emotional trigger
  • How to focus using a simple technique, that prevents anger building up during the day
  • Tools you need to calm aggression and free yourself from frustrations and irritations that trigger anger

Upon completion of the online course we will provide you with a court certificate within a day. Over 900 certificates have been issued. Get in touch.

We provide you with a reliable court certificate

Reference received 26/4/2018

My online anger management course can work better than face to face counselling for the reasons stated below by Ron, after I inquired into his progress yesterday.

"Hi, thanks for checking in on me. I feel like I'm getting quite a lot out of it actually, I don't know if your course was meant to do this but I'm getting a side effect...... I find myself being able to voice my dislike on a situation rather than previously bottling it up, I'm feeling calm and much more in control, this could have something to do with my doing each module twice, after I've done the homework and begin the assessment..... I can't remember what you actually said so I have to go back and listen to it again. There's an awful lot of information to absorb, so for me listening twice it's a good thing. Regards Ron"

15th May, 2018 [update from Ron]

"I finished the fourth module of the course. I don't know how you managed it, but I haven't had a anger episode in a couple of weeks now. I'm feeling calm, a lot more confident in myself. Ron."


Anger can change quickly once you decide to take action


“My anger in the truck seemed to disappear while doing the road rage course. I’m now far less stressed while driving and minor incidents don’t even worry me. I’ll wait for my next big test.”

45 year old truck driver.