Client references

I feel lucky that I selected this place as the concept is a simple philosophy that makes the individual responsible for determining the root cause of their issues and applying learned principles to improve behavior.

-Were your issues  addressed?-10/10

-How well did the anger management course meet your needs?-10/10

51 year old male with anger and anxiety issues


I left our session on Saturday the happiest I have been in many years. Thank you so much for helping me see the cause of my faults and ways on which I can overcome them.

43 year old father of 3 children suffering from anger and anxiety.

Hi Robert.  Firstly, I just need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for me when I wasn't at my best. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for my contact with you. You certainly have made a permanent place in my memory. I have been going amazingly well in the last twelve months. New job, lost weight, new boyfriend. Thank you once again.

32 year old single woman presenting with panic attacks, low self esteem, trauma and 40kgs overweight.

I had an awesome conversation with my son last night after he had seen you. Bless you Robert it was the first time for a long time I heard my son's voice sound happy and not because of an item, etc. but because he had hope.

Comment by a mother of a 20 year old son with addictive anger. [Note of the 15 types of anger, addictive anger is only see in about 1% of my cases over the last 6 years (600 cases). The person needs anger to stimulate motivation, and becomes addicted to anger in order to live]

"Thank you for all of the help your course offered me during what was a difficult time in my life. I feel the skills and knowledge you have given me has been extremely helpful and will continue to be so in the future. I would recommend your course to anyone in my situation."

30 year old male with a high level of OCD

"I am extremely happy that my relationship has improved with my two young children after only two weeks. I now see how my anger habits arose and the tools you gave me worked so well for me. thank you so much, I really appreciate your guidance.

35 year old mother brought up in an abusive family.

I've done other anger courses but with little change, but this one is logical and structured and provides practical tools to help me control my anger. It should be taught in schools.

52 year old father of three with anger issues at home and at work.

"Robert’s methods cut through the superficial layers that most of us get caught up in and gets straight to the root of the problem. Robert is more insightful and successful than anyone I have ever met.  He is wise and incredibly intuitive.  I have complete faith that this man can help to heal any personal issue that comes his way using his techniques.  Not your mediocre counsellor. He has taught me a great deal and for that, I’m indebted to him".35 year old mother of four children in a blended family facing extreme anger issues.

"I’d like to say a very sincere thank you for the presentation on Tuesday evening for the Positive Psychology Network. The feedback has been very positive and I believe that your approach to your clinical work has inspired at least some of the participants to find out more about Covey’s model but also to integrate your approach into their own work. I think you did a sterling job outlining such a complex model in two hours, but the handouts really do provide a great summary that I can see would be very helpful in applying it in practice." Dr Kate Lemerle. Institute for Applied Positive Psychology (Incorporating Positive Psychology Network)

"Thank you for your prompt response with the letter, I would like to thank you for your course as I have taken more than I could have imagined from it and didn’t realise until the situation was present and stopped to think afterwards on how I reacted/responded to the situation.I am truly grateful for your support in this."Thirty-five year old male struggling through a custody battle.

"As a recent arrival, without family support in Australia, you have helped me enormously to cope with my new position within the male dominated building industry. I found your experience and business knowledge to be really helpful. The techniques I have learned have enabled me enjoy my current position whilst planning for my next role."Thirty year old female requiring life coaching in a managerial position.

“Your counselling has helped me greatly to identify, understand and accept my unresolved issue around trust and provided me with the relevant tools to avoid and manage my anger. I particularly like to thank you for your flexibility and rearranging the course structure to cater for my particular circumstances. You have helped me to save my marriage and my wife and I are well on the way to building an even better, more loving and understanding relationship. I am eternally grateful.”Angry father in his forties with two children.

“When we came to you our relationship was out of control with anger. We were both physically abusive to each other and so immature. We now understand ourselves a lot better. After four sessions were still argue, but there is no abusive behaviour.”
Young couple together for 18 months and due to be married.

“I was sent by my work because I was given a second warning over abusive behaviour. This Stop, Find, thing really works and my anger has dropped by a huge amount in such a short time.”Thirty year old male two weeks into the Anger Management Program.

“I completed the new 4 week anger management program. My anger level fell from a level 8 [out of 10] to a level 3 by the end of the fourth session and I feel confident that I can maintain this reduced level. I’m now undergoing couples counselling with my wife.”
Father with three children, separated from his wife for three months.

“Thank you for saving our marriage. His gambling has stopped and the trust is starting to return. I’ve learned not to be so naïve around other men at work and my husband is no longer jealous.”Couple with young baby, married for two years.
“We now have strategies to communicate and to stop arguing. Great service every couple should experience it.”Couple presenting with anger and conflict issues.
“My quality of life and happiness has been boosted. I have learned so much and appreciated the support.”Female client presenting with anxiety issues.
“This stuff should be taught in schools.”Male stepfather presenting with anger issues.

"The whole program really helped me get through my depression. In particular, the schema test gave me the awareness of how negative my thinking had become. working through the CPMatrix was much easier after that"40 year old unemployed male suffering depression.

" The tools you gave me really helped me. I face court this coming tuesday and feel confident that I can focus on my influence not my concerns. Thank you so much."Angry 30 year old male facing assault charges after being extremely provoked.

Waverley Emergency Adolescent Care Inc. Annual Report  2013-2014. [Extract]TANDANA PLACE TEAM LEADER REPORT  "2014 has been a very successful year at Tandana. Anger Management has been a welcome addition to the weekly schedule. Robert McInnes (a specialist in his field) has provided our young people with valuable life skills and methods to manage their anger in a positive way". Nick Collins, Team Leader




“I completed the new 4 week anger management program. My anger level fell from a level 8 [out of 10] to a level 3 by the end of the fourth session and I feel confident that I can maintain this reduced level. I’m now undergoing couples counselling with my wife.”

Father with three children, separated from his wife for three months.