Four levels of Consciousness

Four levels of Consciousness.

In CPM, July, 2020 the identification of the 8th Rule of "Connectiveness versus Separation" gave rise to the 4 levels of consciousness and the origins of "Flow"

Level 1- Knowing-Nothing. This is the starting level, before time, space and matter.

Level 2-Information-Energy. This arose from level 1 and refers to connecting to all living things wherever they are located in the cosmos, including nature.

Level 3- Real Self- Arose in the nervous system, then the senses, then the emotions. It is where both the core beliefs sit with the impulse control and what is referred to as System1 or the Default Mode Network [DMN]. The Core beliefs and Impulse Control [Self-control, Courage,  Patience, Calmness, Assertiveness and Persistence]control the Vagal Brake, which when is "on" controls the emotions.

Level 4-Remembering Self-Experiencing Self, results in cognition and behaviour referred to as System 2.

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