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Overcome depression by learning for high performance athletes

The Cognitive Principle Matrix is based on the theory that life is constantly trying to stay in balance, and there are polar opposites which provide a balance in life. See below: This principle can be applied to performance and to gain an understanding of how high performance, which CPM calls optimum flow, relates to low…
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Depression causes the loss of emotional balance.

Depression causes the loss of emotional balance When two or more of the negative concerns [paranoid fear, rage, shame, panic, rejection, hopelessness and apathy and envy] are joined, then depression can occur. Depression says “something must end”, but not that your life must end, rather your thinking must end and you need to get back…
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Getting out of Depression

Getting out of depression One form of depression is caused by having unrealistic expectations about yourself or an outcome which results in fantasy thinking. Because the fantasy is unrealistically high, the downside of not achieving the fantasy is also unrealistically high and cannot be faced. This theory is based on “balance”, that is, everything in…
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