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Rumination-“If only”​ & “what if”​-Don’t take it personally.

Rumination: A Problem in Anxiety and Depression by :Margaret Wehrenberg Psy.D. Psychology Today April. 2016. Brain function plays a role in rumination in several ways, but one significant aspect of brain function relates to memory. People remember things that are related to each other in neural networks. And when people enter a 'woe is me'…
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Depression-treat the elements, not the behavior

Depression-Their are various pathways into depression, but the same elements are created in the brain The key elements are present in each of the three brains. The 3 Brains: The neuroscience model proposed by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka in their paper the Neuroscience and the Three Brains of Leadership - Leader Values supports the…
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VirtualReality games will increase depression

Why VirtualReality games will increase anxiety and depression, according to the Cognitive Principle Matrix.   The following example of how visualization works has been confirmed by 50 years of research. These facts were reported in Maxwell Maltz’s book “Psycho-cybernetics” in 1960.   The study showed that using visualization by one group of basketball players, improved…
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