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Active Mindfulness

Active Mindfulnes What is active mindfulness? Active mindfulness using Cognitive Principle Matrix mindfulness occurs when you are concentrating on nothing, but are doing something. Active mindfulness is a way of achieving goals using optimum flow. Active mindfulness is based on the two-component model of mindfulness, but then changing the definition of the second component. Bishop,…
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Innovation using flow

Innovation using flow In Cognitive Principle Theory innovation using flow is based on these 7 elements: 1. Spiritual intelligence to control human nature That is, unconditional giving to control greed and unconditional acceptance to overcome fear. 2. An environment which supports unconditional principles, such as trust, respect, acceptance and commitment and encourages them to grow.…
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Team loyalty

Why you need team loyalty in 2015 Loyalty is an essential part of team flow. The new loyalty is not based on time served, like the old loyalty, but on the employee committing to their job and to other team members, in return for interesting work, support, feedback, reward and the opportunity to grow. The…
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