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Anger, Anxiety or Depression?

FEAR, ANGER, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION? Under stress your backup personality is activated. That is, switches on  your vagus nerve:  --Personality type---------------------Trigger--------------Switch on:  -----------------------------------------Lack of:-------------------------- 1.  Overly controlling---------------Trust, respect--------Fight-Anger/Abuse/ overly critical and controlling. 2  Overly responsible--------------Acceptance-----------Fight-Try harder/guilt/shame 3. Overly responsible--------------Acceptance-----------Flight-Escape/anxiousness/panic 4. Overly avoidant-----------------Commitment---------Flight-Confusion/avoidance 5. Overly avoidant-----------------Commitment---------Withdraw or freeze-Numbness, panic attack. What  Cognitive Principle Therapy does is provide…
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Domestic violence-By a couple who say they care for each other.

Domestic Violence-By a couple who say they care for each other. I counsel approximately 120 new clients per year mandated to do an anger course. In about 10% of cases both parties will say they care for each other. There are normally two problems: 1. A "5 love language" problem. Normally the male providing acts…
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What is the connection between BPD and achieving ultimate success?

How to achieve ultimate success by understanding dysfunction. In the cognitive principle matrix theory [CPM], if you want to learn to be the best, you can start by learning from the worst. In this article we look at a person's self image. We can have a splinted self-image, where the individual is unable to define…
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