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The opposite of addiction is connection

The opposite of addiction is connection The third best TED talk in 2015 was Johann Hari's "Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong." His final statement is "the opposite of addiction is connection." In cognitive principle matrix (CPM) 80% of all mental illness, including addictions can be treated as a bad habit. In…
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False positive emotions

False positive emotions How are false positive emotions created? False positives arise when negative principles turn into negative concerns resulting in emotions such as paranoid fear, rage, rejection, shame and panic, however, the person can’t handle these and will flip over to false positives. In Maslow’s 5 Hierarchical levels of Needs, physiological needs come first,…
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Pornography addiction

Pornography addiction Pornography can start as a self-soothing escape from reality, but also for those who have lost sexual satisfaction in a relationship and start chasing sexual excitement. The Cognitive Principle Therapy course rids a person of pornography addiction by focusing on their thoughts and behaviors that relate to the cycle of addiction. But more…
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