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Anger Control

Anger Control Anger is just another type of habit. But is a new approach It is said that there are at least nine types of anger, however, regardless of the type, anger arises from a bad habit [which is a mild term for an addiction]. When a person has an addiction, triggers activate the addiction,…
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Pornography addiction

Pornography addiction Pornography can start as a self-soothing escape from reality, but also for those who have lost sexual satisfaction in a relationship and start chasing sexual excitement. The Cognitive Principle Therapy course rids a person of pornography addiction by focusing on their thoughts and behaviors that relate to the cycle of addiction. But more…
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Anxiety is built on negative thinking.

Anxiety is built on negative thinking. At the basic level we have needs and wants. This is built into our human nature and drives our comparative thinking. When we achieve our wants and needs, we want more. However, if we consistently fail to get our needs and wants met then we develop negative comparative thinking…
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How to achieve goals without anxiety

How to achieve goals without anxiety The Cognitive principle Matrix is based on 7 truths. The 6th truth is; Control versus Responsibility. “Why you need control and no responsibility to achieve your goals!” Cognitive Principle Matrix states that you should use principles to support logic and then form a conclusion. You should then take control…
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