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Feeling insecure about your relationship?

Feeling insecure about your relationship? Your biology may play a role. In polyvagal theory the “Engagement nerve” is part of the parasympathetic nervous system. This nerve is in all mammals, including humans. The following two articles propose that the engagement nerve has borrowed attributes from the flight-flight-freeze instinct responses and is now an instinctive nerve.…
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16 Dysfunctional Personality types

Resilience and Dysfunctional Personality Styles Cognitive Principle Therapy [CPT] is based on Polyvagal Theory. Arising from that the followings assumptions have been made: That Resilience is broken through when the Vagal Brake is switched Off. The Vagal Brake is controlled by the Gut Brain and the two biggest influences on it are Core Beliefs and…
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A different type of exposure technique.

EXPOSURE TYPE INTERVENTIONS The way the brain works is to receive triggers, either internal or external, then perform a patter match, then make a prediction. If the trigger finally results in a bad habit then the brain will make the same prediction based on a similar trigger and the bad habit will be repeated. To…
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The Zen Master & the Tree

HOW TO OVERCOME ANXIETY There are 5 rules in Cognitive Principle Therapy relating to the difference between a good habit and a bad habit and they all have spiritual principles supporting them. This post is about the first two rules: I was listening to Alan Watts [1915-1973] tapes,  the philosopher whose writings influenced the beat…
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