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In 2021 “Who am I?”- And what is CPM?

“Who am I?”- A conceptual answer using Cognitive Principle Matrix Introduction-history. The development of this model commenced in 2003. The CPM uses principles, which are values and emotions, because principles provide a standard to which all elements in the matrix can be converted, similar to using a monetary currency to compare non-financial transactions. This is…
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Why Jungs’ “The Shadow” is for the 2021.

  The Shadow-Jung, Johari Window & CPM Based on the works of some of the most recent writers in the 21st century, Jung’s Shadow theory is more relevant today than it was in early 1900’s when it was published, particularly for Western Societies. The Cognitive Principle Matrix [CPM] brings together three writers to explain the importance of…
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MASKS AS A DEFENSE MECHANISM In Cognitive Principle Matrix a mask is a subconscious basic emotion used when a person lacks emotional development. In February 2014, the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow published an article in the Current Biology magazine, stating that there may be only four basic emotions, namely,…
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Addictions & Polyvagal theory

Addictions and down-regulation due to negative rumination Spiritual reflection [mindfulness] Positive & Personal [unconditional giving] Positive & Behavioral [unconditional acceptance] Negative & behavioral [bad habit] Negative & personal [very bad habit]
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