How to disrupt Politicians, the News Media and Advertisers

How fear works:

The Cognitive Principle Matrix has been developed over a 15 years period and investing 15,000 hours of research and testing. It is now time to tackle phase 2 and change human natures' understanding of fear.

Polyvagal theory has proven that our nervous system controls most of our decision making and that the system is very old, starting 600 million years ago. The three systems controlling our decision making are:

1. Social engagement system [heart] - 100-160 million years old [Mammalian brain] We are social animals connected primarily for survival.

2. Sympathetic adrenal system [gut]- 300 million years old. [Reptilian brain] That is our fight-flight response.

3. Dorsal vegal  system [visera, heart, lungs, gut, stomach & intestines] and causes us to shut down

Origin ally we were driven solely by instincts, which activated the second and third systems. These two systems are still powerful when we respond to unexpected threats.

The mammalian brain developed and not only compared [comparative mind] and was driven by instincts, but also predicted  [predictive mind] threats in advance. This improved their safety if they made successful predictions. The predictive mind has developed over a long period. Every decision we make is from the predictive mind and it works at least one third of a second faster than our conscious mind.

The Problem:

As a modern human being we have predicted for 64,000 years that an emotional threat will lead to a physical threat and this was largely true for most of that time, but now it is not true in advanced countries. We now make false decisions when faced with fear. The outcome is dysfunctional as show below, unless a physical threat actual happens.

I have never been attacked by an external threat for over fifty years. With hindsight I should never have experienced any of the above mentioned outcomes. What I should have done is as follows:

1. When faced with an emotional fear, shown courage, trust myself and solve the problem or accept it.

2. When faced with anger, become assertive and restore the disrespect or accept that I can't fix it.

3. When faced with non -acceptance, evaluate the situation, then either accept it or reject it.

4. When faced with others or myself lacking commitment, use self control and fix the problem or accept it.

I am now teaching how to overcome the problem of emotional threats causing unwanted anger, anxiousness, addictions and depression, but I am only starting on this journey.

Science will eventually be able to stop the nervous system predicting that a physical threat will occur and then we will reach the point when:

  • Politicians will be forced to offer long term positive solutions to solve problems, not short term fear based solutions.
  • The news media will off positive news about solving negative problems, because we will demand it.
  • Advertisers will be forced to promote the real benefits  of products and services.

The solution is not as far away as you might think.

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