Explosive Anger- the fastest growing of the 15 types of anger.

Explosive Anger, What is it? 15,000,00+ Americans & 1,000,000+ Australians have it.


Anger rises quickly, even over small issues, but falls equally quickly.

  • The impulse is to "get my need meet"
  • The growing tension is the frustration "that my need is not being meet, now"
  • The pleasure is that "I feel in control" and "I being respected because they are doing/going to do, what I want"
  • The relief is from my frustration.
  • Some clients may feel guilty after the explosive outburst, others won't.

In the last 6 months of anger counselling, covering 105 clients, 42 have had explosive anger, this is a massive increase compared to my experience over the last seven years counselling 947 clients.

The easiest way to reducing explosive anger is not to change behaviour, change thinking or control emotions, it is to turn on the vagus nerve “calm” response and turn off the “fight response. This is achieved subconsciously, by creating a new habit and attaching that to the bad habit of explosive anger.

I have just released my first ever online anger course, showing how to overcome explosive anger at  www.angercourseaustralia.com



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