The three Polyvagal nerves

According to Polyvagal theory the three nerves which control your emotions are:
1. Sympathetic-Fight [Anger] Flight[Anxiety] 2 Parasympathetic -Dorsal -Freeze [Depression] 3. Parasympathetic-Ventral -Engagement [Safety & Calm] In Homo-Erectus, 1.9million years ago these nerves existed to keep us safe and still do today.
Polyvagal theory says that 80% come from the bottom up and 20% of communications come from the top down.
That's why CPT is a neuropsychology based therapy starting with safety. To be safe you need trust, respect, acceptance and commitment within yourself and in your relationships. In simple terms it is balance between "you-me". If it is all about "you" or all about "me" in either my head or my gut brain then I will have dysfunction [out of balance] in the system.

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