The 8th RULE of CPTherapy

The 8th RULE of Cognitive Principle Therapy.

Connectedness versus Separation:


  • Connectedness of the Real self is in [B.A.D], Balance, Alignment and Direction within self, to allow the state of optimum flow of energy and information. Where the Task Positive Network [conscious mind], voluntarily gives up control [as in meditation] to allow the Default Mode Network to enter Creative Mode and all true information flows into the conscious mind.
  • Connectedness with others has its foundation in empathy and compassion where the other’s Real Self is in [B.A.D] and matches or complements our Real Self.
  • Connectedness with nature is where the information and energy within in all living cells flow between each other in a state of harmony irrespective of the type or organism, that is, human, animal, reptile, or any other living thing.


  • Separation is where there is a breakdown in balance, where the 7 energy points in the body are either over or under balance.
  • Separation is where the conscious automatic thoughts are out of alignment with the core beliefs in the gut brain.
  • Separation is where the Default Mode Network [subconscious mind] is controlling the Task Positive Network [conscious mind]

In mental illness Separation causes a “split-off” as a defensive reaction to prevent the person from entering a worse state of being.

An example is in Borderline Personality Disorder [BPD] as described in Young’s Schema therapy:

  • Patients with BPD usually have all of the 18 schemas in the schema model
  • We were struck by the tendency of the patient to shift rapidly from one intense affective state to another.
  • One moment the patient is angry, then terrified, then fragile- to the point at which it became almost like dealing with different people.

In Cognitive Principle Therapy, the goal is nearly always to the client restore their connectedness, what ever that may be.

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