IKIGAI-A Reason for Being

IKIGAI is "A Japanese concept, meaning -A Reason for Being."

Cognitive Principle Therapy [CPT] used that design format to define its own meaning or teaching purpose.

  • Principles: Originally was an adaption of Stephen Covey's "7 Habits" and the concept of the "Tree of Good & Evil"

Character Ethic =Principle Thinking [Conscience]

Personality Ethic=Comparative Thinking [Based on fear & greed]

  • Oneness: Originally came from the concept of the "Tree of Life" where there was oneness and no judgment or comparisons. Self & Others were one.
  • Hope: What is require to move towards oneness.
  • Self & Other: The Self has to unconditional give and unconditional accept Others to achieve oneness. The Self has to find the truth, then trust Others to achieve oneness.
  • Obstacles: The four main obstacles working against achieving Oneness are Hopelessness, Fantasy, Paranoid Fear and Apathy.

The pathway into Oneness is very narrow and much has to be left behind [mainly ego] to find your way in.

  • The first step is to achieve "Oneness" in Self by understanding what Dr. Iain McGilchrist's book "Ways of Attending-How a divided brain constructs the world" says referring to the Right Hemisphere [The Master] and the Left Hemisphere [The Emissary]. In CPT the left brain searches for the Truth, and the Right brain Trusts.
  • Truth is found with the left head brain, but only when it matches the Truth in the Gut brain [in Psychology, these are Core beliefs]. Trust arrives in the right head brain from the Heart Brain. This leads us into Polyvagal theory and Neuropsychology, following the nervous system from the bottom-up, not the top-down as in a conventional way.
  • Trust comes from the core beliefs in the gut brain and travels through the Polyvagal named "Engagement" nerve. This nerve is found in all animals and was present in Homoerectus, 1.9 million years ago. It was originally for safety [safety in numbers]. To be safe with Others, you need to trust them. Homosapiens [us] now control all other animals because of this process of building safety in numbers.

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