Cognitive Principle Therapy is based on left hemisphere-right hemisphere “Ways of Attending” as published in the book [2019] of the same name by Dr. Iain McGilchrist, Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. If you use his concepts to compare with the CPA’s [Certified Practising Accountants] publication  on  24th July, 2020 titled “7 predictions for the new normal post-pandemic” it is obvious that the big shift from the left brain thinking of the last 200 hundred years while move somewhat to right brain thinking.

Prediction 1-Capitalism will continue, but not as we know it

“We cannot strictly apply only financial benefits to a relationship” [left], “People are thinking  that it’s more important for us to have a collective benefit-to have good health care and be prepared-than to amass more money in big industry” [right]

Prediction 2-It’s what you do, not where you do it.

“74 per cent of businesses intend to shift some employees to remote work [home] permanently.” [left] However, “people will still choose to work from offices next year because humans crave connections” [right]

Prediction 3 -Cybersecurity takes centre stage

Prediction 4-A new era of hyper collaboration

“Collaboration will shape new business models” [right]

Prediction 5-A multipolar future for Asia

“Covid-19 may facilitate the emergence of a truly multipolar Asia, where power is not dominated by one country, but distributed among many.” [left]

Prediction 6- Adaptability beats efficiency

“The businesses that survive-and eventually thrive-are those that have prioritised adaptability.” [right] “This is not to say that adaptability will come at the expense of efficiency. Its just  a different way of structuring the business”

Prediction 7-Empathy trumps ego.

“Certainly, ego-led style leadership has been an absolute disaster [left][in Covid]”. “Empathetic leadership that is will to change its mind.” [right]


Relating this to counselling, “Principles” as proposed by Cognitive Principle Therapy, that is Trust, Respect, Acceptance and Commitment [right], will take precedence over Cognitive Behavior Therapy [left], which most of GP’s will write down on Mental health plans. Principles look inward, then outward, rather than behavior, which looks outward and then inward.

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