The Extremist Narcissist

The Age" newspaper Melbourne 21st March, 2019"

 Front page "Trolls take toll on Harris" [Sexual harassment]

Page 9 " Rising chaos is just what killer wants" [NZ Killer]

Page 10 "Online games platform hosts 'White power' user group"

 What drives Extremist/Narcissist's views?

According to Cognitive Principle Therapy they all reside on the 3rd level of the 7 level chart. We all have a drive to move up the levels, however, the extremist is stuck on level 3, operating in their own fantasy. The move up the levels comparatively, by bring others down to the lowest two levels.

They start the process by:

 1. Undermining integrity, justice and honesty in others.

2. They then create distrust, disrespect and non-acceptance in others and amongst others.

3. They lack courage, patience & self-control within themselves and proceed to destroy it in others.

4. They then create worry, anger and criticalness in others and get others to do the same to them. [They have false control]

5. They then create anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and trauma in others and they feel a false sense of happiness, because the others are now below them in the hierarchy of life.

 STOP THEM by using the principles at levels 1 to 3.

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